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Affiliate Program

Learn how you can start a business doing online affiliate programs. It has strong revenue potential, and requires little startup costs or training.

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Affiliate Tips

  • Tips for Affiliates #11
    Make Links Clickable for AOL Users: Do you know how many of your newsletter subscribers have AOL addresses? AOL has approximately 34 million subscribers, so it's likely that a good portion of your subscribers are getting your e-mails at an AOL account. The new version of AOL (8.0) is doing a nice job of reading HTML e-mail, but text e-mail to AOL is a problem.
  • Tips for Affiliates #12
    Domain Forwarding for Affiliate Links: Have you ever wondered how Super Affiliates make the big bucks? Well, they use some key tools (and don't tell anybody about them!).
  • Tips for Affiliates #13
    Affiliate Links in Your E-mail Signature: There's a great space for advertising that most people leave barren - the space below their e-mail signature.

  • Tips for Affiliates #14
    Distribute a Customized Alexa Toolbar: The Alexa Toolbar enables you to create a customized version that you can distribute from your site. This provides you a chance to virally promote your site or an affiliate link, as well as earning more through your Amazon affiliate link.
  • Tips for Affiliates #15
    Protect Your Affiliate Links: The Web Publishers' Code of Conduct was created last year to help protect affiliates against ParasiteWareT. The Code of Conduct is intended to protect affiliates against the redirection of their affiliate links, and the system seems to be working. But there is one aspect of the new standards that you might not know about.

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