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What is Affiliate:

The role of an affiliate is to market products and services over the internet. Affiliates receive a commission based on the results of their marketing efforts. Affiliates market these services by building web pages and websites, and getting traffic to those sites through various means, possibly including; submitting those pages to the most popular search engines and web directories, trading links, and pay-per-click campaigns.  Affiliates can be individuals or businesses, and they should have large content web sites.  Some, however, choose to use a series of "gateway" or "entrance" pages.

What are the benefits of having a site that uses affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, partner, 2-tier, referral and pay-per-click plans are the fastest growing part of the e-commerce world.

How do I find good affiliate programs?

The products you market should have a proven track record for being successfully marketed and sold over the internet. As an affiliate of an affiliate program directory, (rather than a specific program with one or two products,) you can choose which services you promote.  This is where affiliateadvice recommends most people start (with an affiliate program directory ). With most of the programs featured on this site, becoming an affiliate is easy and requires no financial investment on your part. For most programs, you will never be asked to send money and the program only makes money when you make money marketing their products and services.  There are affiliate tools which cost money, and there are some companies which ask you to pay to market their products, but that is usually because there is some training that comes with your fee..