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Make Money Online by Building Your List

If your goal is to make money on the internet, then you must develope a mailing list. Regardless of how great your sales page may be, the bottom line is you need a list of customers in order to make sales. This fact has resulteed in the creation of so many free reports, eBooks, newsletters etc, all to get your email address with permission to send you offers. If a mailing list is the key to making money on the internet, then why do some internet marketers still go for the quick affiliate sale? Possibly they are too focused on short term results, or they don't know how to go about building a list. We have all seen the claims of making huge money online, but how is that possible? The simple answer is with multiple mailing list and multiple subscribers. Let's say over time you develop a list with 5000 people that have signed up and are looking for Internet business opportunities.

You could then develop your own product, or decide to market someone else's product to your list. if you make $20 per sale, and 5% of your visitors convert, your profit would be $5,000 on just one product. Now imagine that you could do that month after month with this built in customer base. Sure, this is a simple example, and the thought of creating a mailing list may seem impossible if you haven't tried.

I know that the majority of online marketing experts make the bulk of their money from their list, also most have five or more lists. Follow the clues that successful internet marketers leave. Persistence and hard work are the clues left by most successful internet marketers. The benefit will come from the work if you persist, start building your list today, the long term benefits will more than pay for the effort. Blogging on your nich topic is one easy way to create a mailing list. You can create a Blog free in some cases, but it is best to self host your blog.

After you create original content on your blog, people who are interested will sign up for your mailing list. it might not happen immediately, but it will happen. I have used my Blog to create one of my lists, and based on my experience, list building is the best way to make money on the Internet yet.

Rob Emmerson is recognized as leading expert in SEO and has written extensively on the subject in articles and eBooks. He offers a free step by step SEO Course at http://www.theseosecretrevealed.com . In addition he writes a daily SEO Blog at http://www.robemmerson.com where he shares tips and tricks to improve your SEO.

Affiliate Program

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