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Money Making Online is Simple isnt it

The common perception at the moment seems to be that money is there to be made on the Internet without even trying. Get a free WYSIWYG web page maker, throw a few pages up there on some free web space and wait for the cash to come rolling in. This Author suggests that you don't exactly stop breathing until you're rich if that is your attitude to making money in an online business.

It's fairly obvious to everybody now that Of Course you can be successful in an online business and can actually make lots of money without ever leaving your home. The biggest separator between those online businesses that fail and those that make lots of money is not talent or special skills but rather effort and determination not to quit, especially in the early stages. Lots of hours will have to be put in, especially in the early stages but once some money is earned you can put some back into the business to automate parts of it and get some of that time back. There are plenty of business opportunities on the Internet that include all kinds of useful tools and tracking systems, etc. (for a fee of course). The biggest hurdle which will always face a new online entrepreneur is not how to make all these tools work together but how to get actual people to first of all see their website and then become part of the system.

Without the traffic to the website all the tools are useless and nobody will make any money. Anybody think of starting an online business should first of all take a tour of some sites like Infogoround, CarbonCopyPRO and a few others. You will find that most of the business opportunity sites use a lead capture page as the initial landing page. The single purpose of this page is to get usually your first name and your email address. This is purely because it's been proved over time that most people will not get involved in a business on their first visit to a website so to increase the money making potential from all their visitors they want your contact info so they can market to you via an autoresponder and keep reminding you about the opportunity. Don't be afraid to give these details, there will always be an unsubscribe link in every message you receive so you can stop receiving these 'reminders' any time you wish.

Home businesses will hardly ever be money makers overnight so you have to be aware of this. Maybe joining under a leader who has already demonstrated that he knows the ropes is the answer. You can always be sure of great advice from him then, especially if he stands to gain from your success. Most people don't consider this but before starting out on the Internet take a backward step and look back over your life so far. I'm willing to bet that every reader has a special skill that could easily be a money maker but they probably just never considered it.

I'll bet you have a "certain way" you do a certain job that saves time or "learned to deal with that certain problem" that lots of people would consider valuable. Your unique skill or talent could be a real money maker so just think about it and consider carefully what you can offer. Affiliate marketing is a very common way to get started marketing on the Internet.

This is where you sell someone else's product for a commission which can be well over half the value of the product. The beauty of this is you don't have to deal with product delivery, Customer Service, etc. There are websites you can join such as Clickbank and Commission Junction, these act as go-betweens between you and the product creator. By registering at these sites for free you will get access to thousands of products you can sell on the owners behalf.

All this is useless without a marketing plan. Be sure you know how to get this in front of real people or you won't make any money. In all online businesses it's a fact that the lack of an action plan is the fastest way to home business failure. You have a serious chance of making BIG money on the Internet, your market is worldwide instead of just local to you, but in the offline world you wouldn't dream of starting a bricks and mortar business without a proper business plan so why should you think you can not have one and make lots of money in the online world?.

Russell is a business leader with CarbonCopyPRO. Making Money with no convincing or calling! Russell's personal business site is full of free information on how to make money online He is giving away FREE php websites to his Team.

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