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Online Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When starting to do Internet video marketing it's essential to learn the main elements which will help you to achieve results quickly. Here is a list of the most common mistakes people commit when creating their own videos 1. Making them too long - People today have a very short attention span and we should not expect them to spend 30 minutes viewing our video.

In fact, while many of the most successful videos are 2 - 5 minutes long it's recommended that you try to create very short videos which are less than 50 seconds long. Quite a few very successful videos on Online Video Sites have been approximately 30 seconds long. This highlights the very short attention span people have. Therefore, if your video is short and effective, it's more likely to be viewed than a very long video. 2.

No clear introduction - Your video should have a clear introduction telling people what the rest of the video will be about. Try to make the first 10 seconds of the video compelling and interesting, otherwise viewers won't watch the whole video. 3. Trying to sell too much - Most people go to the Internet to search for information, and therefore your videos should give valuable information to your target market. Internet videos should not be considered the same way as traditional advertising.

Spend time doing your research and discovering the biggest problem your market has - then provide them with information concerning that problem. Use the video as a way of getting peoples' attention and send your viewers to a website where they can learn more about you and your services. 4. Creating videos that are too serious - Many of the most successful YouTube videos are humorous. Whichever type of video you're creating, make it your intention to integrate humour into it.

If your videos are not funny or a bit humorous you will lose many viewers. 5. Expecting instant results - Like with all web 2.0 marketing achieving will take some time, therefore do not expect quick results when creating your online videos and posting them to Internet video marketing websites.

The good news is that YouTube will host your video for free, so the only thing you will need to do is to create new videos and post them. With most of your videos it will take time to achieve results. However, when you're consistent and focus on creating more videos, eventually you will achieve success. Hopefully, these steps will help you with your online video marketing efforts. Internet Video Industry grows extremely fast, and studying the basic elements behind a good online video can bring a lot of success in the long run.

Web 2.0 Marketing Expert Lasse Rouhiainen helps business owners to get more traffic and exposure using online video marketing secrets. For more information go to www.powerfulvideomarketing.com

Affiliate Program

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