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Should I get my own webite Is there a Bonus in it

Is there a Bonus to having your own Website? Most certainly IS! Are you thinking about an Internet Business? Are you thinking about having your very own Website? It's a scary thought, especially if you have no real design or programming experience, but there are ways around this and the benefits far out way the bridge you need to get over. Read on and I'll tell you more! Your own site gives you several advantages and bonuses. What exactly are the Bonuses? Let's talk about that in point form.

Your own Website: - Will give you your own voice. The web is full of mirrored and duplicate sales copy. When you have your own site, you are able to introduce yourself to the Internet community and be an individual, with your own opinions. - Will allow you to provide unique and interesting content to your visitors. You can talk about things you know, review products, suggest solutions to people's problems, create original sales pitches and so much more! - Will provide the medium for you to start climbing those SE listings.

The search engines love unique content and what better way to increase your (free) organic search engine traffic, than to provide quality UNIQUE content. You can tweak your content ensuring maximum relevance to the market you are targeting. - Will allow you to provide a free service, product etc that you can offer to your visitors in return for their contact details and hey presto! In conjunction with your autoresponder, you are now building a list. Your own List! One that you can then use to start building a relationship with your subscribers. - Will convert your sales and provide the opportunity for up-sells with other products on your site.

Instead of using the same merchant sales pages, you can write your own copy and speak to people on a more personal level. You will be able to cover anything that you think is missing or might help in your effort to sell. - Will give you the benefit of owning your own domain name. This is of critical importance if you are marketing as an affiliate and hope for free traffic from Google.

The Big G (Google) simply wont allow multiple listings of the same URL to be listed under the same search term. That means that if you are trying to sell a product that other people are also trying to sell using Google Adwords, and you are using your affiliate link to do so, you are in direct competition with everyone else - the only thing different is your affiliate ID number. The King of the search engines see's this as a big no-no! There are a few other reasons but I'm sure you see the benefits with out me drowning you in information. Statistics prove that having your own website that is optimized for target market keywords will convert to sales at a significantly higher rate than simply directing your traffic to a common merchant sales page. Getting your own website is not as daunting as you may think! There are many free site building tools available, search for them and read some reviews if you're game enough to give it a go yourself. Even better get your own professional website for free! You need to buy your own domain name and pay for hosting, but you can take advantage of an offer to provide you with your own site and pay nothing! (just like I did!) The Plug In Profit Site will provide you with a complete, fully functional website with pre-programmed business opportunities for FREE! If you want your own Website, you really must have a look at this! Good Luck!.

Kym Robinson is the Webmaster of Internet Business Education. If you would like to Learn about Internet Business please visit at the site!

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