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Vital Shipping Tips For ebay Sellers

For most ebay sellers, getting the sale proceeds transferred into their bank account is usually the end of the deal, but if you have an acute business sense, you will realize that seller responsibilities do not end at this stage. As a seller, you need to realize that your responsibilities are not over until and unless the ordered product is shipped and is received by its rightful owner in the same condition as described in your online ebay store. Your bank account may have been credited, but you still need to get your shipping right because if the customer is not satisfied, he can easily give you a negative feedback ranking, which in turn can seriously jeopardize your business plans.

Getting your shipping right is necessary also because only fully satisfied customers generate referrals, something that is vital for the long-term prospects of any business venture. While cutting costs is necessary for the success of your online ebay store, you should look at other available options rather than using sub-standard products for packaging and shipment. Shipped products travel great distances and are most likely to be mishandled during transit. If you do not use the prescribed materials, the parcel and its contents may become susceptible to tampering or damage, which in turn could easily dent your store's brand image and reputation.

In your efforts to save a few bucks, you can easily end up losing much more in terms of lost sales due to negative customer feedbacks. The best way of reducing shipping related costs is to solicit trade enquiries from as many courier companies as possible in order to find the best available deals. While doing so, concentrate on the underdogs, i.

e. the second or third ranked courier company because they are the ones who are often more than willing to generate new business. You can also bargain for shipping rate reductions, but for that you will be required to have large enough business volumes as required by the courier company.

Now do not lose heart if you are a small time player because there are many other options available. For example, instead of offering a single shipment plan, you can offer multiple shipment plans and ask the buyer to take his pick. Buyers feel more comfortable when they have access to multiple choices and as such they are most likely to ignore your quoted shipping rates, even if your rates are higher than that offered by other sellers. This will not result in real time cost reductions, but since you will no longer be required to compete in terms of shipping rates, it will still prove quite beneficial. You can then concentrate more on your main business and work towards achieving your set goals and objectives.

John Thornhill is an eBay PowerSeller and trades on eBay under the username planetsms. He earns $1000s every week selling info products on eBay. If you want John to mentor you and show you how he is so successful visit http://www.mentorshipmonthly.com/

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